The thumbnails illustrate my commissions, and the creative process. I interview clients at home or my studio. We discuss their intentions and goals for the piece. One of my existing paintings may serve as a starting point. We then explore preferences: straightforward and graphic or detailed and symbolic? Canvas, glass or found object?

I usually photograph family heirlooms, home furnishings, family members and pets, and objects of special personal significance. I often ask for photographs, meaningful objects, or a favorite swatch of fabric. If the work is mixed media, I ask for memorabilia to use in the piece.

Through this process, I develop my creative inspiration for the piece. Before I start work, I give a detailed description so the client knows the elements, color palette, dimension and cost. I do not provide preliminary sketches or show the work in progress.

Prices vary greatly, depending on the size, complexity and the time involved in creating the artwork. The cost can range from $500 to $10,000. I require a deposit and a schedule for remaining payments and sales tax.

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